Update and a Request to Those Who Joined in Requesting Delay in DA-RT Implementation

Dear signer of the letter to journal editors:

We are writing to you as one of the scholars who signed the letter of November 12, 2015 to 27 journal editors requesting a delay in the implementation of the data access and research transparency principles as instantiated in what is now called the “Journal Editors Transparency Statement”(JETS, earlier called the “DA-RT Statement”) of October 2014.  Today we write to make a major request and provide an update on events since you signed that letter (which we call the “delay” letter).
The request is that you participate in two ways in the deliberative process being initiated by the Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (QMMR) section of the APSR.  This process, organized by Tim Büthe and Alan Jacobs, is named “Qualitative Transparency Deliberations” (QTD) and is presented in the proposal attached to this email.  It is designed to reach out widely to the membership of the APSA for input on the issue of transparency and the particular vehicles that might or might not be useful in promoting that goal.
We see the QMMR process as taking as its point of departure a consideration of the first principles of transparency in scholarship, not the DA-RT/JET Statement, which was based on a particular and limited interpretation of those principles.  Given this starting point, some people who signed our earlier letter are likely to argue that those first principles are already adequately incorporated in present scholarly practices.  This position must be represented in the QDR deliberations.

This post is continued here.

See also: QMMR Qualitative Transparency Deliberations Proposal


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