Welcome to the Dialogue on DA-RT website.

We set up this site as a resource for ongoing discussions about the statement signed by the editors of many journals. Those editors committed to implementing their interpretation of principles of research transparency by January 15, 2016.

We initiated a petition asking for a delay in the statement’s implementation so that scholars can deliberate on the many issues it raises.

See our FAQs page for more on why a delay would allow for such deliberation.

See our Resources page for more information, and our Perspectives page for links to essays by scholars who hold a wide range of positions on the DA-RT statement and the petition.

The site was created and is hosted by: Nancy Hirschmann, Univ. of Pennsylvania; Mala Htun, Univ. of New Mexico; Jane Mansbridge, Harvard Univ.; Kathleen Thelen, MIT; Lisa Wedeen, Univ. of Chicago; and Elisabeth Wood, Yale Univ.

Though we ourselves advocate a delay sufficient to include more discussion, we are not advocating one way or the other a particular position on DA-RT implementation. We request that any “COMMENTS” on this site observe the norms of civic discourse, avoid inflammatory or insulting language, and read others carefully before responding.

We will continue to post new content – please visit this site again!


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